Friday, December 03, 2010

Christmas preparations I

Try out christmas table V

Try out christmas table III

Try out christmas table IV

Try out christmas table II

Try out christmas table I

I've been thinking a lot about the first real Christmas party that we'll be hosting. We'll be inviting all of Mr. B.'s family over at our home for a Christmas lunch on the 27th.
And off course, it will have to look perfect. That's me, the neurotic, hilarious, and slightly crazy perfectionist.
Our table will be all white with touches of gold, silver and black. I think I'll be adding soft pink candles, flowers and candy to bring in some colour too.
I haven't decided yet on all the courses, but I will be making pumpkin soup with grilled almond chips I think, and will be baking fresh pistolets (these are small breads) and cakes, with all kinds of tasty things to put on.

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