Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Memory Is Art

Memory Is Art (isn't that just the most amazing imaginative shopname you can think of?!) is the baby of Ouissi Gresty, a Literary Artist & Bookbinder who specialises in collecting the memorabilia of people's lives and creating journals, guestbooks, cards and bookmarks capturing their unique stories and memories.

What I love most in all Ouissi's work is the fragile modesty of all the things she makes.

Most of all I like her vintage inspired postcards. All Cards are handmade and finished & add a special touch to your occasion. Each Card comes with a lined envelope & tissue paper.

Memory Is Art makes custom Wedding Journals to reflect the individual personality and style of you and your partner.
Can you imagine the memories of the most romantic day of your life, being in a wonderfull, totally unique handbound book?

"The blend of imagery and prose is evocative of you and your style..."
In the same way as she makes the wedding journals, Ouissi also makes travel journals. Each Journal is individually created to reflect you and your trip.

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