Friday, January 19, 2007

Which way to go?

1. Rain. Wind. Storm. It's been the kind of weather that's even worse than what you see in the avarage gohst-movie. For the last three days already. 'They' - the little people on the tv-screen - tell us that winter will finally start next week. It's about time.

2. My boy has gone home. So. I'm studying again. Back to the old scheme I can't seem to get used to.

3. I'm losing 0.5 kg a day, on average. For. About. One. Week. Now. Maybe sometime I will be skinny. Let's see how far I get this time. (My whole life has been a chain of attempts to loose weight, I have tried everything - almost everything).

4. Which way to go? - I can't be sure. I think I'll better think it out again. It seems as if I can only write about the weather.

5. Everything is illuminated.

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