Tuesday, February 20, 2007

80 posts and look what I found!

My first post today, was my 80th post. I can't believe it is so many already! So much has changed since that day in August I started this blog...
It has been good. I'm happy I started this blog. I'm happy I met all of you. I'm happy I started my etsy shop. I'm happy my creations find good homes. I'm happy I can just ramble, and find myself here.

I found some lovely things on Etsy today, I really want to share with you.

Green Onyx and Oxidized Silver Earrings

Francie Flower Ring


Kristin Gent said...

I saw your post on Flickr and checked out your blog...Love your stuff. I am sort of new to the whole Flickr/etsy/blog world so I can relate. I have been drawn to etsy and would love to open my own shop, I make cards (mostly paper on paper with card stock and recycled goods),however I am terrified to try. I keep thinking, I could sell these and that would be so fulfilling, then I think who would buy these?! anyway, wanted to let you know your things are lovely and your blog too! keep up the good work, you will have tons of postings soon!

Amy C. Martin said...

I love the green earrings!! I am so glad I found Etsy, too. I just found it in January and can't believe I've been missing out on it all this time... both the selling and the buying! Anyway, I've enjoyed reading your blog... keep up the good work :)

Isis said...

Thank you both!