Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Looking trough magazines...

I love to fill my life with pretty things. To go see pretty things. To go buy pretty things. For myself, or for others. To make pretty things. To receive pretty things.

I love beauty and prettyness, but have quite my own idea of what beauty is. At least that is what Bertus thinks.
"Would you like robin's egg blue paint for the bedroom?"
Says he: "What?! I'd just go mad if you ever painted the bedroom that colour! You can use it for your studio if you really want it!"

Or, when walking trough the town, and I hold still before the shopwindow of my favorite shoeshop:
Me: "Do you like that golden booties?"
Bertus: "I would still love you if you wore them".

Here's just some pretty things from magazines:

1 comment:

Wardi said...

This made me chuckle. My guy wouldn't mind the blue paint so much (I think!), but would probably have a similar answer about golden booties! ;-)