Saturday, March 31, 2007

Brabbling in English

Apparently, tonight while I was sleeping, I was brabbling English. I can't remember what I was dreaming though.
I woke up Bertus with my sillyness.
"What in Gods name is she saying?" he aked himself, still half asleep. "Oh she's speeking English, so I suppose she's not trying to tell me something," he thought, while he turned around to try to fall asleep again.

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annalaura said...

Hey I saw on you Etsy shop you're from Belgie! I'm in Australia, but in 1998 I was an AFS exhange student in Gent. When I saw where you lived I got confused with Wetteren (A hot boy I once kissed called Jonas was from there) Oh I just looked on a map and it is right next door! I went to the art school in Gent.