Monday, March 19, 2007

Digging up the past

'Do you still love me when I wear bright red nail polish dear?'
'Oh, I didn't even really notice!' said the man while he continued with getting himself dirty by feeding the horses and cleening the stables.

This is what I wrote two weeks ago. What a crontradiction am I! One moment I can spend hours with making myself up, polishing nails, choosing the right colour of eye shadow, walking around on red high heeled sandals. And in between design and make jewelry.

An other day, I am working in the mudd "like a real man" untill I stop feeling my body. Digging up the past. Untill everything hurts, my back, my arms, my legs.

I like being dirty.

I'm punk and preppy. Aren't most of us like that?

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