Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Metalsmithing etc.

I'm so excited.
With the website.
With Hannah Zakari.


With the fact that I'm planning to buy a jeweller's saw. I have been wanting one for long, so that I could make my own charms. Now my head is bursting with idea's, but I just can't get them out, becasue of the lack of a jeweller's saw.
Well. I've just been talking to a friend from Hight School I haven't seen in two years. She's studying metalsmithing in Antwerp, and could halp me out with where to buy one, what I needed to pay attention to,...
So! Designing my own metal charms and pentands may not seem so impossible after all!

Ok. Off to finally start with my day. Let's begin with breakfast (sigh, let's skip that, it's almost time for lunch already!)

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Janick - Nea Jewelry said...

YAY!! Can't wait to see what you do, I'm sure it's gonna be fabulous!! :)