Monday, May 21, 2007


Friday I was a little bit down, still tired from the hard work earlier last week. To cheer me up my boyfriend took me to IKEA, where I had lots of fun picking new pillow cases and sheets. I hadn't been in IKEA for a very long time.
We had dinner in the IKEA restaurant. That made us wonder if the IKEA-food is the same in all countries?

Here follows some of the food I prepared since sleeping on the new IKEA pillowcases and sheets:

Tomato stuffed with: tuna, boiled egg, onion, cocktail sauce and a bit of yoghurt.
Salad: lettuce, alfalfa sprouts, fresh chive and dressing (i made my dressing with mayonaise, a spoon of yoghurt and a spoon of honey-mustard.

Dessert: strawberries, honey and whipped cream.

Stawberries, dates, goat cheese wrapped in bacon with honey, lettuce and carrots. The goat cheese is simple fresh goat cheese, that you can buy in regular grocery shops, then wrap around a few slices of smoked bacon and sprinkle some dill on top ot it, fry in butter. serve hot and top with honey.


Green Kitchen said...

Your food looks delicious.

The Lone Beader said...

I love IKEA!!! Almost everything in my apartment is from there=:)