Thursday, December 20, 2007

Setting goals

A quiet corner, originally uploaded by paper-flower-girl.

I thought it might be good to formulate some goals for myself for the next year. If I don't set myself goals, than things would get quite chaotic.

1. I am working on a new, permanent collection, which I want to have online at the start of 2008.
2. I plan on making more of my jewellery parts (polymer clay) in batches, and also work in batches for my pieces as a whole.
3. I want to make some more limited edition items, especially for smaller items like earrings or rings, instead of having only unique pieces. I will keep doing unique pieces for necklaces, bracelets, and more special designs.
4. I would love to increase my sales a bit (ca. 1 item a day on avarage would be great), but not too much yet, since I need to be able to combine my shop with my studies.
5. I will continue to sell trough the three consignment shops I teamed up with over the past year, as long as they will have me :).
6. I'd love to give some special attention to online advertising.
7. I plan on having some special seasonal items for the coming year (Valentine's day, Easter, Christmas).
8. I need to find a good source for jewellery boxes. I'd love to have all my paperwork (business cards, tags, postcards, boxes) printed on recycled eco-friendly paper.

What are your goals?


StaroftheEast said...

I already had read your goals before, I think they are great and hope you can all make them true. Making goals for yourself is a good motivation to get to those goals and I'm going to write our goals on paper and maybe I'll post them on our blog too. Maybe it would be nice if everyone of EST did the same so that we could chat about each others goals in the chatroom :) oh and btw your pictures are gorgeous, I totally envy you!!! :D

Zsuzsi és Anna said...

Hi Paper!
I love your organised way of doing things! I wish you many success to reach all goals.
Let me know if you fing anything about the boxes!

Isis said...

star, i look forward to reading your goals for the coming year.

other goals i came up with over the past week are updating my shop policy, and some other practical things in my shop, and thinking about target market things :)

zsuzsi, if i find a source i'll let you know!

sa said...
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