Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Word :: Inspiration

Garden delight, originally uploaded by paper-flower-girl.

a. Stimulation of the mind or emotions to a high level of feeling or activity.
b. The condition of being so stimulated.
2. An agency, such as a person or work of art, that moves the intellect or emotions or prompts action or invention.
3. Something, such as a sudden creative act or idea, that is inspired.
4. The quality of inspiring or exalting: a painting full of inspiration.
5. Divine guidance or influence exerted directly on the mind and soul of humankind.
6. The act of drawing in, especially the inhalation of air into the lungs.

Inspiration to write. (You can see some result of my previous writings here: http://m-silkwork.blogspot.com/2008/08/cap-of-st-birgitta-reconstructions.html

Lots of you only know me as a jeweller/photographer, but one of my main occupations is researching historical clohting and textiles.
There's so many articles still to be written...

But for now, I probably best take a deep breath, and get ready for that exam I have tomorrow.

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Ruth Singer said...

"There's so many articles still to be written."

ah yes, I know that feeling!
Good luck with your exam.