Monday, October 20, 2008

Don't forget to see the big picture

Tord Boontje, originally uploaded by paper-flower-girl.

Many many times in my life I got caught up in too many projects, too many things to do, to many events to attend to, things screaming at me for attention.

These last weeks I've been trying to group all these projects around one single goal.
I'm building in new routines into my life, little things that make it possible to organize my time more efficiently, and structure everyday life whenever it looks like chaos.
Every Sunday evening I make a list for echt day of the coming week with things to do. Next to that I have a larger to do list with things to do that aren't urgent, that I can fit in my weekly schedual whenever there is some spare time.

There are a many great things I love doing in life: I love history and studying the past, I love recreating the past and bringing it to the people, I love photographing and drawing, I adore being inspired and finding inspiration, I love making and creating things for myself and for others, I love finding beauty and helping other people find it...
I want to bring all these things together.
Like this Garland lamp by Tord Boontje: It has one root but many branches.

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X by Leina Neima said...

I hope that your plan will be success! I tried to make similar plans some times, but unluckily my hectic mind was against myself and after some time I found myself surrounded by the same creative chaos...