Thursday, March 05, 2009


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Angry? I think furious would be a far better description of my current mood.
And dissapointed. Heavily dissapointed in the generation of +65.

Since when has the handbag of an old lady more right on a seat on the bus than me? Since when is there a reason to be very unfriendly to a young woman who politely asks: "Excuse me madam, could I sit here, please?"

And then they expect us, the youth of today, to be respectfull, polite and understanding. To stand up for them on a full tram, bus or train, to help them accross the street or support them when they have to go down the stairs?

For Christ's sake. THINK!


Ok, I feel much better now I have been able to write it down.
Take a deep breath.

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karuski said...

Hi Isis, I totally understand your feeling. We should all respect each other as well as we can. Hmm, maybe she had her reasons though.

btw, would you like to share 10 things about yourself, come for a visit as I've tagged you:)