Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The anatomy of a shopping receipt

De anatomie van een rekening / The anatomy of a shopping receipt

I did manage to work on at least one of the ideas that was clouding my mind last night! This will be a series of collages that I will later bind into a book.
It's a good excercice for myself to do something with a very simple daily object, and to work it into something meaningfull.


Anairam said...

I like this series - a great idea! I love working with collage too, but often the idea stays in my head and I do not carry it out - it is almost as if once I've thought about the idea, it is over, there is no need to execute it. But it is also very frustrating because I have nothing to show for it. (Maybe I'm just lazy.)

Claire said...

I like these pages! I'm all for finding beauty in the most mundane things =)