Friday, July 24, 2009

House doctor :: Plannen | Plans

Mr. B. has found a small house, and so now we fill our days with making plans for the interior. Or rather, I fill my days with planning. It feels so *grown up* to decorate a home, not just a room, like I am used to. To make seperate plans for the living room and the kitchen and the bedroom, and the study...

Stof / Fabric

This is a piece of handwoven linen fabric from Sweden, made by a friend of mine. I received it last weekend and oh oh oh it is lovely! I'll be making it into pillow covers.

Plannen / Plans

Stil leven / Quiet life

I wish you all a lovely weekend! Next week I am going to France, so you won't be reading me for a little while :)


shanon said...

Great colors! Have fun in France! =)

Emily said...

I totally agree with you that decorating a house feels grown up - I'm not there, but sometimes wish I was. I'm still sticking to my little room, which I can't even paint...but someday my house will come. ;)

Found your blog from the Hatch blog. Have enjoyed perusing this morning.