Saturday, June 05, 2010

Black or white?

Unknown source (saved to my computer back in the days when I wasn't so consistent in noting down where I found photos).

Last weekend, Mr. B. and I bought a buffet cupboard for our living room at the thrift store. It is now finished in a very ugly drab brown varnish, but is destined to be painted white very soon.
The top two doors are glass, and I want to display all my pretty white ceramics behind them. Now I'm debating what the inside colour of the cupboard should be... Black or white?
I love the softness of the first photo, but also the contrast in the second, and how the ceramics really stand out against the black background... I do know for sure I want something neutral, white, black or grey. The walls have a very light old rose shade, and I don't want it to become too girly. So lovely patterned wallpaper glued to the inside isn't an option :)
What do you think?


shanon said...

I like a darker background. Maybe a really dark grey instead of black? Good luck!

Isis said...

i'm still not sure! i might just go for black after all :) we'll see. and also ask the mister if he has a preference :)