Friday, January 05, 2007

Earrings again

It's getting dark already. It's only 16:05 pm. I'm looking trough the window. Two white chickens, I suppose they are from one of our neighbours, have invaded our garden. It just stopped raining. It only were a few drops. Just enough to make the grass wet.
I can hear my sister singing upstairs, she always does that when she's listening to music.
I try to concentrate. Celtic funeral rituals. The roman invasion in Western Europe. Deposistion of prescious bronze objects in our rivers.

I wonder what would have happend if we weren't invaded by 'all mighty' Julius Caesar, and weren't christianised.
Yes, that's the kind of questions I ask myself while trying to concentrate.

It's already darker.
I whish I could actually DO something. But no, I have to stick to my desk all day. Reading. Studying.

The chickens are gone.

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jen said...

We'd all still be Pagan if we weren't invaded, and the world would be a more loving place! But i am biased because i am Pagan.. so that's not fair of me to say.

the world would be a HEALTHIER place though - as in the environment would be better. Pagans worshipped Nature. Still do.