Friday, January 12, 2007

Two down one to go

I think I stopped breathing for a moment. The moment I walked through the door. A desk. With lots of papers on. Another desk with a computer. A child's drawing pinned on the white wall. Shelves with old books and paperwork. A replica of a bronze age axe just in front of me. Some neglected plants next to the window, reaching out to the light, thirsty for some water.

He told me to sit down in the empty chair and asked me questions. I said words and words. I can hardly remember now.
When I walked out the door, and started breathing again, the twenty minutes that had just passed, seemed noting more than a vague memory. I had no clue as to how it went. Good... or bad?

I guess we'll see. Within a month or so, when I get my results.

Only one exam left. It's in 16 days... Environmental history.

EDIT: (A little drama doesn't hurt, does it!)

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