Sunday, April 29, 2007

Trash Angels

Lunch: Sunny side up with salad and dressing on orange 70's style enameled plates from HEMA and orange juice in vintage CocaCola glasses.
I finished my new collection for Hannah Zakari. I'll will only be available there. It consists of 10 one of a kind pieces. I named it 'Trash and Angels'. I'm not going to show any pics yet, because I want it to be a surprise. I'm off to start making the special wrapping (yes!) for it!
PS.: Thank you for your comments on my previous post. I feel a lot better because of them. They 'woke me up' in a way. I still don't know what I'm going to do, but I feel less pressure to decide about it 'here and now'. So, that's a good thing, to start with.
One thing I will do, is try to take a short jewellery course now and then, like courses of one or two days. One with basic techniques for working with silver clay caught my eye.

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msbelle said...

See? You're so talented. You're coming up with new and inventive designs. It's in your blood or something, girl! So every now and then just breathe...when it all seems overwhelming, just breathe.