Sunday, May 27, 2007

Apart from the cooking

I bought my flickr pro account yesterday, right after I posted :-) Poppalina, thanks very much for the offer though!!
I've been uploading photo's like mad today.

I'm so behind on news, but I barely find time to write. And I always forget things. Like that I was accepted for Plush You last week! Which is really great news!!

Well, I should go to bed. I've been working quite a lot for university today. And need to start early again in the morning.

Before I go just one more thing: I'd love to introduce you to the hero who came to save me last Wednesday!


jenna said...

I was unsure about the Flickr pro account for a while and was glad I did it the moment I did it. :)

I just started visiting your blog. Your photos are beautiful!

msbelle said...

A handsome knight indeed!