Saturday, May 26, 2007

The phonecall

Maybe, when I said I got a WEIRD phonecall Wednesday, I should have replaced 'weird' by 'scary', 'terrifying', or something like that.
I'm not sure wether you really want to know this, but here it goes...
Around 8pm the phone rang. A person asked for my mother (by her name). As my mother wasn't home I said to call again today. Upon that the person asked if I could say that again in french because his/her Dutch wasn't very good. After I explained it French the conversations took a strange turn. the person started rambling 'So who are you then, ah the daughter of (my mother's name), so you are home alone? aren't you afraid to sleep alone? shall i come over at your house to sleep with you? i'm a young guy of 28, i could come over to sleep with you and make love to you'.
That was what I was.

Imagine. First you think the person who is calling is a friend of your mother's (she has some contacts in France, so it wasn't weird that the person was French). You don't even think about asking the person's name, because he seems so familiar with your mother that he asks for her by using only her first name.
And then all of a sudden someone is proposing to have sex with you?!
Now we have our own personal stalker.
Maybe he was just a bored, drunk, miserable man.
Maybe he's a psycho.
I wasn't at all pleased with my situation, as you can imagine. Lucky as I am, Bertus, my personal hero, came over from Holland to rescue me, and stay with me all night to protect me.
So. That was the phoncall.


Carina said...

That is pretty creepy... Don't you have caller-id or something so you can see what number he's calling from?

Atleast you've got someone to protect you! ;-)

Machteld said...


Luckily you've got Bertus :-)

Ruth Singer said...

that's horrible. you poor thing. i really hope it was a one-off fluke and wont happen again. I had a weird caller who knew my name, but I think he just got it from a mailing list or electoral roll or something. nasty though.