Friday, May 11, 2007


Yeah, that is me staring at you. A little post, before I go to bed. I'm not shure what I'll write about, but I feel it is time to write. Sometimes when I take the time to sit down and post something here, I'll write something that has been in my head for days, something I'll just improvise at the moment.
Now I sit here, with a glass of water and a peeled mandarin next to my keyboard. It's 1 am. and I should be sleeping. but I'm not really thinking about sleep. I'm thinking about the paper on medieval pottery I need to finish this weekend. I still have to write seven pages. I'm thinking about moving out and going to live together with my boy.
I'm dreaming. About selling ten pieces of jewellery a day. And make a living of it.
I'm a bit worried about selling next to nothing lately.
Other then that, I'm fine. Really. A bit stressed out by loads of work still, but better than last week.
I think I shall go to bed now.

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msbelle said...

Your eyes are quite captivating and alluring.
Don't worry about not selling lately. It will come. You have the talent. It will come.
Moving in with BF could be a good thing. I've done it before. It's nice as long as you don't lose *you*. Don't ever lose *you*. :)