Friday, May 11, 2007

Me again

1. Still four pages to go until I have the ten I need for the pottery paper + still have to add photo's and photo captions, and also the bibliography.

2. Have been working a bit on publicity for my shop: have been more active than I usual am in the etsy forums and chat, and have been advertising on some other sites (including my myspace).

3. Moving in with the boyfriend will have to wait at least one more year, until I finished my BA in Archaeology here. Then Maybe I can take my Master in Amsterdam.

4. I have been looking around for some metalsmithing courses, and have found some I really like. I'll see if I can do one of them during the summer.

5. I really need to have that jeweller's saw I was talking about a couple of weeks ago.

6. I have another plan for after that: I want to learn how to etch. I've bought a little book about jewellery techniques and it's got a chapter on etching, now I totally want to try it.

7. I'll just go back to the pottery for now :-)

8. Have a great evening all!!

1 comment:

Carrie said...

I just love your jewelry designs! I bought the pink and red bracelet and the red/gold earrings back on etsy. I adore them!!! I will have to buy more things. Glad to hear you are getting your name out there. Your items are so beautiful! I can't believe they don't see out faster.