Saturday, May 26, 2007

Flickr pro

I almost reached my 200 photo limit on flickr.
I want a pro account. But it costs extra money.
It's not that much. But I haven't got much to spare either.

I'm totally indicisive.

Let's go to bed and sleep over it.
Maybe tomorrow will bring me a decision.

Who knows?



Kathleen said...

You can actually go over the limit of 200 photos on flickr with a normal account. They won't disappear of the flickr server, you just won't be able to see them. For example: I have a flickr account and I have a total of 543 photos on it, but you can only see 200 of them. The other 343 are still there and if I have ever linked to them, they still show up.

shula said...

I'll buy you an account if you send me the recipes for food that you make.

Your food collection just knocked my socks off.

I want to eat like you.

msbelle said...

You could write off the Flickr account as a business expense!! :)