Monday, August 20, 2007


Today is a special day! My blog is exactly one year old.
It only seems like yesterday I started. Even though so much has changed, in a good way. I got to know so many amazing and inspiring, helpfull and supportive people. I discovered bits of myself I didn't know yet. Since discovering the blogging world I have enjoyed a world of beauty, surprised to see what we inventive humans can create with our hands. I've started to be the creative me again.
I feel as if I just made my first steps into a wonderful secret garden.
One year ago I couldn't have even dreamt this.

I'm happy. With this blog.

Last weeks I have been thinking about how to celebrate this moment properly. I'm happy with this blog and I want you -- my readers -- tob e happy too.
This is what I came up with: I will give away the pair of earrings above. They are one of a kind and made with soft pink linen yarn wrapped around a wooden core and vintage acrylic beads. All metal is surgical steel in a gunmetal color. They weigh next to nothing and measure about 50 mm in length.
What you need to do if you would like to be the owner of these soon, all you need to do is write a comment to this post, about what the creative blogging world has meant / means for you, and how it has affected you.
I will pick someone from you and make the name known on August 30th.

I want to thank you all again for being there and for all your kind words, that have more than once made my day during the past year.


Renate said...

It has affected me in a way that I connect to people like you. Ongoing inspiration, support and fun!
Congrats to you and your blog Paper! :)

vleervlinder said...

Not only the blogging world, but also the flickr-world have affected me a lot... also since a year. :-)
It's great to meet new people and get inspired by them (and sometimes even inspire them myself...)

And a happy birthday to you! :-)

Anonymous said...

The crafty blogging world means that I have found out about people like you which is very inspiring.

Isabelle said...

Happy blogaversary!!
I've been blogging for 3 years and it has changed my life. No one is crafty around me and sometimes they have a hard time understanding my obsession with and actual need for creation. Blogging has opened up a whole world I didn't know was there, of people around the world also passionate about sewing/stitching. I'd never been more creative and inspired before!

Machteld said...

Hee gefeliciteerd!!!

Ik wens je nog veel inspiratie in je volgende blogjaren!



jenny said...

yay! happy blogging, :)

katsai said...

wow, that really is some feat Paper!! Congratulations :)

BTW, i just saw you featured on the Fieltromania blog! Way to go!!! Double congrats ;P

Heli said...

Still new in this blogging world, but I have found already VERY interesting and very inspiring blogs which I hadn't propably find without starting to blog myself.

That it is , so far.

Ira said...

you really have a very good blog paper:)