Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Cabinet of curiosities!

Hello friends!
It's almost time to go to bed, but before I go off to the land of dreams I just want to

1. thank you all for the birthdaywhishes

2. show you something: today I started a tumblr photo blog. I'm going to use it as my inspirationboard, but you might want to take a peek as well!

Have a look:

If you have a tumblr account too, don't hesitate to add me as a friend. I'd be delighted to have a look at your blog as well.

1 comment:

katsai said...

i saw your little cabinat yesterday, Paper, and loved it. I love seeing the pictures that catch your eye, which are all so different, and can tell now why you have such great taste in your designs too :)

Look forward to seeing more of the curiosities you find and share.