Friday, September 14, 2007

Catching up

Wow. Time is running ahead of me! It's been more than ten days since my last post but it only seems to be like 48 hours to me!

Despite the fact I'm not a good runner, and it is not very likely I will ever catch up with father time, I did do quite a lot of work in the past week.
I made three rabbit softies (they're only about 25 cms tall, but they require more than 2 hours each in the making) and sent them off to the United States for the Plush You show in October.

I made a small change in my bottle shaped softie pattern, since I decided It would be a lot of fun to make some cats as friends for my rabbits. I finished one so far and started work on three other kitties.

I also have been working on some necklaces -- I will show then to you once they are finished -- and made a couple more collages. I now have seven pieces of what I want to be a series of ten. I will be working on the other three during the weekend and hope to show you some results next week.

Enjoy your friday friends!

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Ruth Singer said...

I do love those bunnies!