Tuesday, December 18, 2007


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Reducing online time seems to work. At least, not as good as I want, but I am spending more time away from my computer.

I've been doing this and that last days.
Christmas is almost here, and I'm so sad I haven't got the time to do any Christmas decorations. The last three years the Christmas period has very busy for me. In January I have exams for university, so now I'm mainly studying, with only some other activities in between, like scribbling on my class notes while reading, dreaming away, looking though the window, sleep and eat.
I do try to do some fun things now and then also.
Last weekend I went shopping for clothes. I really need clothes. Before last weekend I only had three pairs of trousers, with two really worn out. I managed to find some extra shirts and tops I really like and a really nice wool knit cardigan. It looks like it's going to be a very cold winter here, so a girl can never have enough comfy wool clothes!

Back to the Christmas decorations. On flickr I whatch everybody's lovely trees and decoration, gifts, and special foods. I'm litterally drooling over wreaths, cakes, chocolates, elves, candles, holiday letterpress, gift-wrapping ideas, ... but nothing of all that for me.

When I have finished my studies, I'm going to celebrate Christmas for the whole year!

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