Thursday, February 21, 2008


Bath, originally uploaded by paper-flower-girl.

After nearly half a year of trying to find a new home, having found one but not being able to move into that one after all, hunting further, driving up and down to dozens of places with no luck... we finally found one! The contract is signed, we can move in on May 1st. It is nearby the central station of Gent. It's a lovely early 20th century house, in a broad, green street, with a garden and a lot of space! I'm so happy, it will save me one hour and a half of travelling by train every single day!

So I'd better start on saying goodbye to our current house. After living here for nearly 16 years it won't be easy. However the hardest part will be to get everything packed and sorted out! Oh dear oh dear, where to start...


katsai said...

hey there! Congratulations on the new house... I bet you're impatient to get there :)
Don't worry about the packing, it seems daunting but it gets done (we had just a week to get it done, after so long hunting - like you - it finally all happened so quickly!)
Enjoy the start of Spring in your current place and look forward to that extra hour and a half a day, wow! Thats gonna be amazing for you!!!

Ruth Singer said...

hope the move goes well and you enjoy your new place!