Monday, March 10, 2008

A week of beautiful collections - Nature junk

nature junk, originally uploaded by glasfaden.

Photo by Glasfaden.

I love how very simple every-day-life objects can create something breathtakingly beautiful when grouped together.

I guess that in a large part life is about rearranging.

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glasfaden said...

Google Alert has found your blog post for me. I'm honored, you've picked my photo - thanks!

I'm agree with you about life and rearranging. I've been thinking about it too a few days ago. I've wondered, why is it like it is. If life is constant, then I feel bored and look for a change. But if a change occurs incidentally in my life, then I feel lost and depressed. How to find a balance in life? I guess, I shouldn't think and ask too much - instead accept life as it is. Just like any molecule in this world...