Friday, March 07, 2008

A week of inspiration - shadows

Bicycle Sculpture, originally uploaded by emro_84.

Bicicle sculpture by emro_84

Any time tomorrow I will lie and say I'm fine
I'll say yes when I mean no
And any time tomorrow
The sun will cease to shine
There's a shadowman who told me so
Any time tomorrow the rain will play a part
Of a play I used to know
Like no other
Used to know it all by heart
But a shadowman inside has let it go

-- From the song 'Shadowman' by K's Choice


vleervlinder said...

mooie foto! 'k vind het leuk om uw 'week of inspiration' te volgen :)

en shadowman is zo'n mooi liedje... eigenlijk lang geleden dat ik het heb gehoord, maar nu ik de tekst weer zie zit het in mijn hoofd :)

glasfaden said...

Love your inspirations posts! Hope you're doing well, Isis! Sorry, I couldn't stay longer on the chat room last Thursday.