Friday, March 14, 2008

A week of beautiful collections - Thrifted goodness

thrifted goodness, originally uploaded by tricia scott.

Thrifted goodness by Tricia Scott.

... and GOODNESS am I tired!
I just finished preparing 7 orders, writing the addresses, closing the envelopes... after I came home late from a perfect night I spent with friends in one of my favorit pubs in Gent.
Now I need to pack my things for the weekend, as I'll be off to Utrecht. I need to get up at 8am to be in time for class. Soooooo, I'm in a hurry to get in bed at a more or less reasonable hour, and to be able to read a few more pages in Gossip Girl. I got totally addicted to the TV-show, and yesterday started reading the first book.
Sometimes a girl needs to do girlish things and read girlish books. There's no reason to even try to fight it.
Gossip Girl


ArtMind said...

Hey Isis, that new blog-banner looks great! :)
I don't know gossip girls... don't miss anything, do I? :)

Betina Sandra Guelman said...

looks great! :)