Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Two months later - a new home

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There is absolutely no excuse why I haven't been here for the dreadfull period of two whole months. Of course I have been doing things.

"Things" ~ English / "Dingen" ~ Dutch / "Sachen" ~ German

Packing boxes
Finishing my Bachelor thesis
Moving boxes
Travelling to Sweden (4 days)
Unpacking boxes
Travelling to Germany (7 days)
Packing more boxes
Cleaning the new and the old house

"Moving" ~ English / "Verhuizen" ~ Dutch / "Umziehen" ~ German

I painted my room robinsegg-blue, and I definatly love it. It's a small attic room. It feels so 19th century. I'm happy.

Since the move I feel much less stressed about everything. About university, about working about pretty much everything. About living my life as it is.

And, on the topic of losing weight: I lost 8 pounds so far, and officially I am no longer overweight! I went shopping last weekend and I could even buy one size smaller!

Now, let's try to cook dinner.

See you later my friends! Thank you infinatly for standing by me on this blog. You are all darlings!


Angenita said...

So nice to read you again. I have never left a comment on your blog before, but I read it regulary. I love the jewellery you make.
Enjoy your new home!

karlita said...

Paper, i'm so happy you like your new home!!! And congrats on the weight loss :)

I'll be looking forward to reading more on this blog again - i missed you a bit (also on our streetteam) :)

katsai said...

so pleased to hear things are going well. You sound happy :) Enjoy the new house ... and the new size :P

Star of the East said...

Great to have you back :)
I'm glad the moving and everything went well :)