Tuesday, November 25, 2008

MY LIFE IN LISTS: 11/25/08

More organizing, originally uploaded by paper-flower-girl.

Mood board

Mood board

Mood board

Mood board

Mood board

Mood board

Mood board

1. Organizing drawers with tea boxes. I nearly threw all the boxes away, but then I got this luminous idea.
2. Making a mood board. Is great fun. And it helps me focus on a theme with my jewelry designs.


BNdesign said...

gorgeous! And you made me want to organize my workroom as well ;)

I love the whole "vintage dreamy" feeling you always have with your items and blog

Pamela Angus said...

great idea and your mood boards are gorgeous!

Sigmosaics said...

Wow, very beautiful ... I really like the idea of it!

Kreativlink said...

Oh! Wonderful photos!

fleurfatale said...

sigh, I wish I had the time to organise, my workplace needs urgent some organising!!!!!
and your mood board is amazingly beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!

ingermaaike said...

Wow that looks so beautiful!

matchstickgirl said...

wow so delicate and fragile your colours ... i love mood boards and referencing ...

lovely stuff!!!

Amanda Yu said...

Lovely!! great photos and love the style :)

Kate said...

your photos are so so beautiful :)