Thursday, November 27, 2008

What makes a day

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A little drawing for a little note for a creative person :)


Today I had the pleasure of meeting my blog reader Tor in person! I went to the Gent central station to hand over her giveaway package and afterwards we went for a cup of tea and chatted about creative life, playing music and dancing ballet, about craft workshops in our town and about etsy and selling, about our studies and the future.

On the way home if took some photo's of some of the amazing houses in my neighborhood. See and be delighted.

Good night!


ira said...

lovely shot paper!

fleurfatale said...

Hey Paper,
I lived for 10 years in the Koning Albertlaan, I think near the places you took the pictures, I worked in a design Studoi in 't miljoenenkwartier' as we called it!
I recognise the fist house on the pics!

Veerle said...

Ik kom even op je blog kijken, via de commentaren die je achterliet op Fleurfatale's blog.
Heerlijke foto's van het miljoenenkwartier.
Vraagje: die nonkel van de Steinerbeurs waar je het over hebt.. heet die toevallig Wim V.? Dan zou de wreld wel weer eens klein kunnen zijn... ;-)

Tor said...

Hi! Die enveloppes zijn echt super. En ook enkele kralen hebben al een nieuwe creatieve bestemming gevonden. Bedankt! Groetjes Tor.

Anonymous said...

These photos are beautiful!