Friday, November 21, 2008

MY LIFE IN LISTS: 11/21/08

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Today =
1. Rainy
2. Talking to Ms. L. after class and drinking a beer
3. Finally going to the post office
4. Trying some new things (see photo)
5. Making a walk
6. Cooking a meal (baked apples and rabbits with mustard sauce)
7. Cleaning the bathroom
8. Sorting out yarns and putting them into baskets
9. Dreaming and drawing on class notes
10. Welcoming my guests from Holland.

Have a nice weekend all!!!


karuski said...

Sounds like you had a quite busy day! I'd like to try #4, 5 and 8...

Happy weekend to you, take care of nice guests:)


ingermaaike said...

Have fun with your guests you busy girl!

La Pomme said...

No. 6 sounds very delish!