Monday, November 24, 2008

MY LIFE IN LISTS: 11/24/08

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November is really flying by! How quick time goes when you're not paying attention!!!

I had a very busy but lovely weekend, with lots of snow! I even went for a little bike ride yesterday night trough the snow, which was lovely.

Today was:
1. Getting up to late ans hurry to be in class in time
2. Buy new cigarettes since I forgot mine at home
3. Eat an improvised lunch consisting of an apple, dried mango and cashew nuts
4. Meet up with friends for a cup of hot tea
5. Make pendants for new necklaces
6. List new things in the shop
7. Eat diner (white carrots, pork sausage and fried egg plant)
8. Bring back a DVD to the library
9. Send out and reply to emails
10. Visiting a friend in town

On the photo's: the mess that comes with creating...

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