Sunday, November 29, 2009

House doctor :: Bedroom nearly done

I just realized it has been ages since I last showed you the progress on our bedroom. I think I got stuck posting about it in the phase of painting the floor. Well, now the bedroom is nearly done! The only things still need change are:

1) the blinds: the striped ones that are there now are still there from the previous owners, it's a bit dirty and they don't work as well as they probably used to when they were new.
2) the built in closet needs redoing on the inside
3) the mirror and ceiling lamp need to be fixed
4) the current curtain (which was actually made for the living room and is still destined to end up there) has to be replaced with a new one, which will be in transparent white cotton fabric.
5) we will stick window foil to the windows, because now our neighours can look right into our bedroom...

Holland home bedroom VI

Holland home bedroom I

Holland home bedroom V

Holland home bedroom III

Holland home bedroom IV

Holland home bedroom II

In the photos you can see:

1) A lovely new Orla Kiely fabric pillow, made by HandmadeOrla on etsy
2) A pale brown metallic pillow from HEMA, got it as a present from my sweet sister last year
3) Frames on IKEA frame shelves, most of them described here
4) Cotton curtains in IKEA fabric
5) A 22 year old sheepskin on the floor, I got it from my grandparents for my first birthday
6) A vintage sewing machine used as night table
7) A vintage church chair at the bed end
8) Vintage porcelain vases, blogged before here
9) IKEA bedlinen
10) Antique colonial hanger
11) Square chrome garbage bin from GAMMA
12) Bed lamps from MASSIVE
13) Curtain rail from IKEA
14) My guilty pleasure: reading romantic novels :)


shanon said...

Gosh I just love your place and your style. You need to put together a book with photos from your rooms and tips and tricks for putting things together. =)

Anna said...

This is lovely - love the Orla pillow, thanks for sharing the link. said...

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renee anne said...

this bedroom is truly amazing.

Anonymous said...

What color is the bedroom painted? It is the perfect off white.