Wednesday, January 06, 2010

At the bottom of the sea

Office I, originally uploaded by souvenirs du passé récent.

Hello dear readers. I've been away for a while during the holidays. We took some time to continue work in the office room and in the toilet downstairs.
We also did some thriftshopping and spent way too much at IKEA on storage boxes, a lamp for the bedroom, window shutters, porcelain soup bowls, and more.
I haven't even had time to think about new year's resolutions, which is really bad. I think most would have to do with the renovations anyway.

1. Finish the bedroom
2. Finish the office
3. Decorate the studio
4. Read more
5. Don't spend too much money (you don't have it!)
6. Work harder
7. Get my drivers licence
8. Lose 10 more pounds
9. Write more
10. Allow myself more slow time

Office II

Office colours

Here are a couple of shots from the office. I found this amazing glass jar for 1.40 EUR in a thriftshop, which made me super duper happy!
The petrol blue frame is an ugly frame I painted over myself. It will hold a chalkboard soon. We will add other petrol blue details to the room soon.
We also made a desktop to size and adjusted IKEA shelving to fit our walls. The desk and shelves will be painted in an old rose shade. I will post photo's of this as soon as I have them.

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