Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Toilet under the stairs

Toilet under the stairs II

The walls in our toilet used to be dark blue (I will post some totally embarrasing before photo's later). We added a decorative wooden border, painted in grey, and repainted the walls in mocha.
Both the paint of the walls and the paint of the wood are mixed from leftovers we had from other projects around the house.

Lavatory redo I

Lavatory redo II

Toilet under the stairs I

The shelves are recycled IKEA shelves that my father had to get rid of after redecorating his own flat. We repainted them in the same colour as the decorative border. We decided to hang book shelves in this tiny room, because we do not have much space left for our fiction elsewhere in the house.

The ugly cheapo white plastic toilet brush we first had has now now replaced by a nice one in stainless steel from IKEA. We also got a new lamp (not visible in the photo) and a cotton carpet to protect bare feet from the winter cold.

I'm really happy with how it turned out, it's feels like a rather homely place now :) And considering you spend quite a lot of time of your life in there, it's not even too crazy to make it a bit more agreable.

It is however still a work in progress. I want to cover the walls with vintage frames and on the top shelf collect intpiring curiosities.
I think I will in time put wheels underneath the steel boxes (they now serve as convenient storage for cleaning products and shoe polish)on the floor for easy access as well.
And finally we want a wooden floor in here. We have some wood leftovers from other projects that we can probably use for this, yay!

A moodboard for today :: Toilet

1. Lavatory redo I, 2. jars of white fluff, 3. Caroline Keith of C.Keith Vintage, 4. n° one, 5. Toilet under the stairs, 6. Untitled, 7. Untitled, 8. Untitled, 9. Lavatory redo II

I paired some of our new toilet photo's with the pics of some amazing inspiring people as a moodboard for the further decoration of the lavatory.


Anonymous said...

your place looks great ! =)

ume*photo said...

nice place!

Nadin said...

nice place :)

Calin said...

nice work...

Anonymous said...

how lovely!^^

Freshly Found said...

I love the way you've handled this little room! I've been thinking of adding shelves to ours, so have found your treatment very interesting!

Isis said...

thanks all for the lovely comments!

freshly found: i'm so glad i put the shelves up in here, they give so much extra storage space! i whish i had done it way sooner :)